German version of the second, extended edition is available!

The second and greatly expanded edition of the book can now be ordered in the shop and can be delivered.

It is now strong instead of 284 pages (previously: 250) and has just over 50 new images.

It’s not a completely new book! It is an extension of the first book.


English edition slightly delayed

The publication of the English edition of the book is somewhat delayed. I am still expecting an important contribution from SHS, which must definitely be included in the book. Therefore the book could not go to press yet.

However, I am strongly expecting the book to be published in November, so that it can lie under the Christmas tree as a possible Christmas present.

As soon as I can name a fixed date, I will contact you again.


English translation can be pre-ordered!

Dear friends of the Gentle Giants! The much-extended 2nd edition of my 2018 book (out of print, German only) published in 2020 is just what many breeders and owners of these outstanding horses need. Pre-orders for the English edition are open now!

More than 284 DIN-A4 pages will teach you all about the fascinating Shire Horses and Clydesdales. More than 420 beautiful pictures, including some in large formats, turn the book with its treasure trove of information into a great eye-catcher.


The book will be delivered as soon as I receive it from the print shop. The expected date will be towards the end of October. The sooner you pre-order, the sooner you will have this unique work!


All pre-orders will be delivered with a free bonus set of beautiful picture postcards. For more information, see the website for the book and the shop.


The book was professionally translated by native speakers.


This book is as suitable for pros and breeders as it is for beginners and private owners. It is a source of knowledge and comprehensive encyclopaedia covering history, husbandry, breeding, health, etc. I know that many breeders like to buy my book to give to the buyers of their foals to ensure that they have the knowledge they need from the very beginning.


  • History and Development, breed descriptions, differences between the two breeds
  • Husbandry, breeding, and feeding: basic needs & special needs (pregnant or lactating mares); raising foals
  • Health and care: typical illnesses and their treatment (mud fever, CPL, arthrosis, sweet itch, etc.)
  • Large feet: a farrier and a hoof-care specialist explain their points of view & work in great detail
  • Oversized in everything: advice from 2 special saddlers on saddles, rugs, and accessories
  • Breeding: foal registration, entry in studbooks, stallion licensing
  • Breeding shows: information on the purpose, procedure, own presentation, background, and anecdotes
  • Buy your horse with open eyes! Advice on horse busying, prices, and help.

Second edition is coming soon…

Hello everyone! In the blog and on the FB page of the book it has become a little quieter for a long time now. There was a good reason for this: the book is sold out, I don’t have a single copy anymore. That’s why I pinch advertising and activity.

The good news is that there will be a second edition! It is scheduled for the end of August or Early September. Depending on how the work progresses with it. Work? Everything is already written, isn’t it? This is the beauty of life: science and technology are progressing, even in horses. I can add more content to the book. Some of the previous blog posts make it into the book.

Immediately after the publication of the second edition in German, the next highlight: the second edition of the book will also be published in English! I want to give the book to Shire Horse and Clydesdale’s owners in the rest of Europe. Since the translation will take a few days, it will therefore appear in late autumn, details of it shortly.

And now a request: I would like to add nice photos to the newly added pages. I need your help to do that. Do you have suitable photos that you would provide to me? Possibly pictures with sporty motifs? Or real work? I could also imagine some rather funny photos. Like all, the photos know in which the fur-noses pull magnificent grimaces.

I look forward to your suggestions. Please send me in good resolution by email to

See you soon, Boris