A book about the cold-blood horse breeds Shire Horse and Clydesdale not yet available in Europe.
It provides important information and a lot of knowledge about both breeds. To the same extent it offers fascinating pictures and rare insights.
You will find concentrated information, knowledge to look up and many further links to the Internet. All in DIN-A4 format on over 250 pages with more than 300 pictures and graphics.

Sold out!
The current edition of the book is out of print. A new edition is being created. I will post more information as soon as it goes back on sale.

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And this is what the readers say about the book

Chronic Progressive Lymphedema

No, this is not a Mauke – or: what does all this have to do with lymph? This blog post is about a new, very old disease. Does that sound strange? Well, then I hope I have your attention, because the following is about fascinating scientific findings, old myths and misinformation. And about many horses,…

Weiter lesen… Chronic Progressive Lymphedema

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