About the book

A book about the cold blood horse breeds Shire Horse and Clydesdale, which has never been found in the German-speaking world.

  • it conveys important information and a lot of knowledge about both races
  • provides fascinating images and rare insights.
  • answers questions that beginners often ask
  • Detailed knowledge for owners and breeders and important information
  • through the large appendix with many web addresses, readers will find further information beyond the topics described in the book
  • concentrated information, knowledge to look up
  • fascinating images and many further links to the Internet seduce the reader into the world of the “gentle giants”

It is therefore also a work of work for readers with previousknowledge, especially when it comes to topics such as breeding, feeding, grading or paper processing with the respective societies.

And this is what the readers say about the book

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There you will find many more exciting topics and a lot of knowledge.

Errata and Links

The book is continuously maintained after printing in this blog, cleaned up for error devils and extended with new, useful web links.

I would appreciate feedback and other ideas about the book. This helps me to prepare all the topics that are important for the readers. Just write me by email, WhatsApp, Facebook, contact form of the blog. Or simply talking on the phone or “face to face” at a horse-riding event.

Videos about the book

The following are two videos that were made at the beginning of the crowdfunding. You can now buy the book directly in the online shop on this website. Since they explain the motivation behind the book well, I still include them at this point.


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This video dates back to the time when a crowdfunding campaign for the book was running.

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A few contents of the book.